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At BrainIT, we collaborated with Q Agency from Croatia to help The ID CO enhance DirectID’s platform, which leverages bank data through Open Banking to tackle contemporary business challenges throughout the Credit Risk Lifecycle, from onboarding to collections and recoveries. Together, we developed seamless login pages that streamline the identity verification process through banks, embodying DirectID's vision of redefining credit risk management.

Technologies and Methodologies Used

ReactWe chose React for its component-based architecture, which allowed us to build a highly dynamic and responsive user interface. React’s virtual DOM ensured optimal performance, even with complex state changes, providing users with a smooth and efficient login experience.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

To ensure the highest quality of our code, we adopted a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach. By writing tests before the actual code, we could:

  • Identify and fix bugs early in the development process.
  • Ensure that new features did not break existing functionality.
  • Maintain a robust codebase that is easy to refactor and extend.

Our TDD workflow involved:

  1. Writing unit tests for each component and function.
  2. Developing the minimum code required to pass the tests.
  3. Refactoring the code to improve performance and readability while ensuring all tests continued to pass.


Managing state efficiently is crucial in any complex application, especially one that handles sensitive and dynamic data like bank information. We implemented Redux to centralize the application’s state management. Redux allowed us to:

  • Maintain a consistent application state across different components.
  • Simplify debugging and testing by logging state changes.
  • Facilitate collaboration among developers by providing a clear structure for state management.

By leveraging React, TDD, and Redux, we created a robust, maintainable, and scalable application that meets the high standards required for financial services. Our seamless login pages not only enhance user experience but also reinforce the security and reliability that clients expect.

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