Leveraging Web Scraping for Insightful Customer Loan Data Collection






8.5m$ client revenue




Brocc AB aims to enhance the onboarding experience for their clients by automating data collection. By leveraging advanced web scraping technologies, they intend to gather comprehensive customer loan data efficiently. This approach will streamline the process, ensuring a smoother and more seamless experience for their clients.

Brainit will support Brocc AB in this initiative by providing expertise in web scraping and data integration. Our team will develop and implement robust scraping solutions tailored to Brocc AB's needs, ensuring accurate and timely data collection. Additionally, Brainit will offer continuous support and maintenance to ensure the data collection process remains efficient and up-to-date, ultimately contributing to an improved onboarding experience for Brocc AB's clients.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery - client has a tedious onboarding process that requires users to fill in data available in their net banking

2. SCRAPING solution - Data is collecting automatically in a matter of seconds. 

3. scale - Using AWS and Kubernetes with Selenium grid we are able to handle 100s of scraping requests per second. 

4. quality - A set of custom quality checks and tools were built in order to have the scraping software running smoothly for a long time

What We've Done

  1. Strategic Discovery
    • Challenge: The client had a tedious onboarding process that required users to manually fill in data available in their net banking accounts.
    • Solution: Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing process to identify pain points and areas for automation.
  2. Scraping Solution
    • Implementation: Developed a sophisticated web scraping solution that collects necessary data automatically in a matter of seconds, eliminating manual entry and reducing user effort.
    • Technology: Utilized Selenium for robust and flexible web scraping, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of banking websites.
  3. Scale
    • Infrastructure: Leveraged AWS and Kubernetes with Selenium Grid to manage and scale the scraping operations.
    • Performance: Capable of handling hundreds of scraping requests per second, ensuring scalability and reliability during peak times.
  4. Quality
    • Quality Checks: Developed a set of custom quality checks and tools to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the data collected.
    • Maintenance: Implemented monitoring and alert systems to ensure the scraping software runs smoothly over time, quickly addressing any issues that arise.


Brainit's collaboration with Brocc AB has resulted in a cutting-edge solution that not only automates the data collection process but also enhances the overall onboarding experience for clients. Through strategic discovery, advanced scraping solutions, scalable infrastructure, and rigorous quality assurance, we have achieved remarkable efficiency and accuracy improvements, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a robust foundation for future growth.

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